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Facebook mobile and the Russian counterpart VKontakte rang in as the world’s top mobile social network. Mobile social makes sense because you have a device that is with you basically wherever you go, and the propensity for social activity is at it’s highest when in mobile environments. Plus the Facebook iPhone app definitely helps.

Speaking of apps, again what power they do have. The Twitter app enables mobile social instantaneous feeds and can tie into all your other social networks you belong to. With this much at your fingertips places more emphasis on how you use as tools to help drive your entire social strategy.

Here are some quick stats:

Globally top 10 mobile social networks:
1. – 909.17% growth in 2008
2. – 693.11% growth in 2008
3. – 670.13% growth in 2008
4. – 296.78% growth in 2008
5. – 545.40% growth in 2008
6. – 396.65% growth in 2008
7. – 372.60% growth in 2008
8. – 618.42% growth in 2008
9. – 1055.51% growth in 2008
10. – 834.89% growth in 2008

• Facebook and VKontakte are the most visited mobile social networks

• Opera Mini users generated more than 93.8 million MB of data for operators worldwide

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