3 Major ingredients that will continue to change career site development.

Careersites to go.
Your employment offering, your jobs, your culture will live and engage people everywhere and anywhere online. From dynamic banners, social networks, blogs and mobile apps. The basic principles of user centered design in web development do not change however the content strategy and the technology structure of your site does. Social is organic in that content is fluid, dynamic, and aggregated from multiple sources. Content that communicates key EVP’s of your organization should be as dynamic, fluid, and streamed as well. And let’s not forget about the application process either. Candidates are constantly filling out profiles everywhere. One profile area sticks out the most in that has the greatest opportunity to be able to apply to all opportunities using this one profile; LinkedIn. More on that below.

Customer service approach to candidate engagement.
The online personal shopping experience of Amazon.com will serve as a role model to a lot of the candidate engagement experiences online. User behavior has adapted to a highly personalized expectation of websites and a dependancy of community to help make decisions. Jobs will be rated, reviewed and recommended. The ability to see other types of candidates who may be in your LinkedIn network may populate the results pages of job searches.(ex: “People you may know who have applied for this job also applied for____” or “People that have started in this role have gone on to these types of roles___”)

So what about once the candidate is hired? How about being introduced to the employee network of content specialists who help support the on-boarding process to the point where they become ramped up and productive in half the time it would normally take. Plus, a great service to connect the newbie to the employer brand evangelists.

Candidate branding.
Yes, personal branding will be empowered with more enhanced technologies and tools. The candidate has been buried with all of these network platforms and communities so much that it has become harder for them to stand out to all the companies. They are tired of the black hole syndrome and seek solutions to get out in front of all their competition. These new personal branding tools and platforms for candidates will need to synch in seemlessly into all the ATS platforms, mobile, and talent network pools. So the model will shift to companies pushing into personal branding networks like LinkedIn, or VisualCV where their system links up to direct enhanced feeds of candidate’s mini folios of their personal brand.

Content is King is an understatement. Not only the quality and relevance of the content, but the accessibility of the content must adapt to user behavior. As you write and develop content, keep the end users in mind, but think of their environment. They may not be on your career site.

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