Contagious Media

Here are some more examples of contagious media. There is still a lot of debate on what defines “viral”. Some may think it is about the many times you may watch the video. However that really is not an indicator of what is viral or not. What you should look at is your propensity to want to share it or not. If it’s not worth your friend’s time, it most likely isn’t worth yours. We are all very conscious of what we share with our friends because it represents us on many levels.

– Is what I am sharing cool? — This aligns me to cool
– Is what I am sharing valuable? — I want to be valued by others
– Is what I am sharing entertaining? — I want to entertain my friends
– Is what I am sharing unique? — I want to be current. I want to be an influencer
– Is it socially relevant? — I want to be relevant to my groups

This new spot for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk in the UK is getting a lot of attention.

The T-Mobile Dance in Liverpool. Wish I was there.

Doesn’t hit the relevance arena(no pun intended)…but the entertainment/unique attributes hit high

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  1. paul

    It goes back to story telling of our ancient tribal roots. In the modern tribe, we share these viral pieces to entertain, to bond with our tribe’s members and to maintain our status within the tribe.

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