Linktastic Thursday

I’m starting a new tradition called Linktastic Thursday. Every Thursday, I’ll post links that I find to be interesting from the previous week. I hope you enjoy!

Online Ad Spend Still Had A Strong Year—In Australia, That Is Looking up down under!

Top 20 Companies that are hiring! Chad Sowash summarizes Fortune’s 2009 100 Best Companies To Work For.

Online Classified Network Oodle Raises Another $5.6 Million Oodle is certainly taking off! Check out their employment page.

Clear Channel Taps Credit Facility, Hinting At Problems Ahead Another media company in trouble…

The Importance of Employee Recognition Skip the plaques! Throw an office party instead!

Google Buying Finnish Newsprint Mill To Build A Data Center Do you think paper will ever become extinct? I’m not seeing many rave reviews for Kindle 2. Books will probably stick around longer than newspapers.

FTC Issues ‘Last Chance’ To Ad Industry On Behavioral Targeting David Kaplan paraphrases the revised principles in the FTC staff report Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.

Twitter To Start Charging Companies For Having An Account? It’s about time Twitter came up with a business model.

How do you compare? Teens spend 31 hours a week online I think I average about 70 hours a week. Maybe I should spend at least 5 of those hours on the treadmill.

Unable To Find Buyers, Journal Reg Shutters 33 Smalltown Weeklies More bad news for print media.

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