Linktastic Thursday!

With Smaller News Staffs, Northeast Papers Collaborate On Content Several newspapers team up to form the Northeast Consortium. I think we’ll see this happen a lot in upcoming years. It just makes more sense! I’m glad I ditched journalism…

Newspaper Roundup: Seattle P-I; Wash. State Newspaper Stimulus; EW Scripps; Media General It’s getting bleaker for print publications.

How job losses in 2008 compare to prior recessions Yikes.

Survey: 40 percent of employers to trim benefits, perks in ‘09 If TMP ever got rid of the Keurig, I might start a riot.

Job Postings Decline In All Industries; Education and Healthcare Jobs Fare The Best A great review from Jim Stroud on Indeed’s Industry Trends.

Banner-Ad Quality Takes a Dive With the Economy I’m not sure I agree with this. Campaign Mangement is tracking TONS of banner ads.

Rules of Engagement: Users Are Spending More Time On MySpace Users spend 15% more time on Myspace than they did last month. Maybe because the unemployment rate has gone up?

As The Economy Sours, LinkedIn’s Popularity Grows Network, network, network!

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