Things to do in a Pink Slip Economy

photo by Mrs. Eli Fitz-Slabbons from flickrYes there are things you can do right now while in this economy. It is a time for a review and recollection of goals and objectives. A chance to improve and strengthen our companies. Here are some simple fundamental things you could do. Let’s start with your website.

Spring clean up
Here is a chance to dust off the cobwebs, throw out the old stuff, fix the broken light bulbs and doors, trim the yard and put a new coat of paint on the exterior:

Do a content audit
Here you want to review how current your content messaging and information is.
– Is the campaign messaging current and relevant?
– How does the copy talk about you? Is it current?
– Is the overall visual design still current? Is it aligned to your current brand?
– What about the news? Is it current and meaningful to candidates?
– What about your events and schedules? Are they up to date?

Do a usability overview
It is always recommended to monitor the usability of your site. Depending on your situation, you can do a thorough usability test or you could you a quick usability overview. You know, instead of the 30,000 mile major tune up, you can do the quick oil change and tightening up of the nuts and bolts. My guess is that you may want to do a light tune up.
– Check for broken links
– Are links and buttons behaving correctly? Leading to the right information?
– Hey what about that job search…is it easily accessible?
– Is the careers link still buried somewhere on the home corporate page?

Socially enable it
As I mentioned in an earlier post, how socially enabled is your site? Think about it. Right now there are more candidates who are in need of up to date “streams” of opportunities whether they get it from their friend’s network on twitter or a straight daily RSS feed from your job postings. A twitter tool feed and an RSS feed actually complement each other. Here is what I was thinking….twitter is obviously an alert tool that publishes directly into social networks to be passed around where as the RSS feed addresses the users that have already come to the career site and searched for jobs. They may or may not have found anything, but want to stay alerted.

So, Twitter becomes almost a traffic driver, while RSS maintains the sync. Even though twitter can also maintain the sync, you cover both audience exchange points. Using twitter as part of your tool set is the most effective approach and use of that platform. Especially right now when there are more people in need of staying up to date with the latest opportunity to get a jump on. And their friends who may be lucky enough to still have their jobs want to help out as much as possible.
So are your jobs enabled with RSS and a twitter feed?

Pay attention to your employees. They’ll fight for you as their jobs depend on it.
What better way to help prepare for the future as well as gaining competitive edge than to strengthen core competencies, new skills, and enhancing current skills. It embraces the care and dedication towards your employees and in the end, you will have an employee base that is stronger and more competitive, and will go to battle for you.
– Retrain, and train new skills
– Leverage your own gurus
– Create intranet learning and resource centers

With all that is going on, we still need to have meetings to do business. This includes training. There are numerous platforms and technology to enable internal and external meetings to occur without the expenditure of travel and all that goes into the event itself.
Some of these are very fundamental but often overlooked. Hold more virtual meetings.

Conference calls
We have them everyday, but there is only so much you can accomplish on the phone. Especially when you have presentations. So this usually is a complement to another platform that has visual capabilities. And in a lot of cases, Skype is utilized.
Tokbox – Video meetings, video chat and video email
Second Life (yes…here is that virtual world again)
Go to Meeting
– IM

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