Why Your Media Plan Should Include Mobile Ads


 Today, comScore reports that twice as many people are using mobile devices to access news and information than last year. The study claims 63.2 million people used their phone to gain access to the web in January of this year. 35% of those people did so on a daily basis.

One finding didn’t come as a surprise to me. Half of males ages 18-34 are using their phones to get online, proving them the most enthusiastic users. Being married to a web developer, I constantly deal with this!

Immediately following the young male demographic are women from the ages of 18-24. 40% engage in web activity from their phone. Sadly, I am too old to be lumped into the same category. But I admit, I too access information from my iPhone daily. (When it’s not broken, but iPhone #4 seems to be holding up just fine!)

What’s more convincing is that people are more receptive to ads on mobile devices than they are to ads on other types of media. Only 10% of an audience will remember an ad that runs on television. This isn’t a shocking statistic considering the number of Tivos and DVRs across America. Even if you are watching a program live, who sits on the couch and pays attention to the commercials? Clearly, that’s a prime opportunity to refill your wine glass and get a snack! Similarly, only 21% of an audience will recall an ad viewed while streaming video. What is shocking (to me at least) is that when audiences view an ad on an iPhone, 41% will remember it (33% for other mobile devices). And a third of the people that recall the ad will respond to it. That’s a huge response rate!

So, what do these findings mean for the recruitment advertising industry? There’s a vast percentage of young people accessing the web from their phones. As advertisers, we need to keep up with early adopters, think on a digital scale and target this audience. Based on the reasearch, I am betting mobile ads are highly effective! But don’t take my word for it. Track your site visits from iPhones with Google Analytics’ Advanced Segmentation.

Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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