What’s your mobile social behavior?

Mobile devices have become more than a communication tool. We find ourselves in more mobile environments than we are at our desktops. We are constantly on the go. Our attention spans mimic  common field mice. We engage into our networks as we stand in lines, waiting for transportation, walking through airports, in cabs, and even in bathrooms. Texting, emailing, calling, sharing.

When we develop content for mobile, we ask ourselves first, what is the mobile environment that the audience is in, and what would they find valuable to have access to on their mobile device. So we are constantly asking ourselves what will people do and not do on the mobile device. Sometimes that depends on the mobile environment, and the strength of the incentive and reward one will get if they opt into a mobile campaign. We have pulled from (research) to analyze what people are doing via mobile. However I would be curious what others think people will and will not do on the mobile…speaking in current and future terms.

Here is a list (original post):

What people are doing on mobiles:

Wierd things:

  • Use cell phone as a mirror

People are using the front, video call camera as a mirror to check lipstick, hair etc.

  • Use as a flashlight 

Wow, according to a GraphJam survey, 75% of people use mobile phones as a flashlight. I confess. I am one of them.

  • Track Spouses

A pole conducted by Microsoft showed that 42% of people use the GPS feature on their cell phones to track the whereabouts of their spouses. Oh-no. I’m toast.

  • Use in the bathroom

Yes there are actual surveys that show the bathroom as a mobile environment which people use. Microsoft’s mobile communications division polled nearly 2500 people from 5 countries. According to this survey nearly half of Australians talk on cell phones while using toilet. I’ll leave it right there.

What people do:

• Play games Making calls

• Texting

• Checking email

• Mobile blogging

• Mobile Facebook

• Mobile Twitter

• Checking directions

• Taking pictures

• Watching video

• Use calculator

What people won’t do (or things that they are not quite ready to do):

• Surf and browse internet just to surf and browse

• Credit card purchases

• Fill out long application forms (including job apps)

• Submit resumes/apply to jobs

• Use as a tazzer gun

• Use as a pet trainer

• Shave

• Ice scrapper

• Fly Swatter

• Door Jam

• Hockey puck

• Urinal hockey puck

Now what other things could you think of?

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