A Print Circulation Increase? Can It Be True?

In one of my posts last week, I detailed how nearly every major newspaper has experinced a decrease in circulation since the 1990s. However, the New York Post claims they have experienced a boost in circulation every year, for the past seven years. According to their representatives, their readership has steadily grown 17.2% since September, 2001. They also claim the Post is the only metro paper to show significant growth in both male, female and ethnic readers since that time.

Jennifer Clark, the Post’s Classified Advertisng Director says their growth has primarily been with the younger demographic. “I think that’s because we upgraded the print plan seven years ago and because our new editor pushes more local stories. We pride ourselves on the investigative reporting side of journalism. The national news doesn’t have that. We have a more local flavor.”

Clark also says that the Post is in preliminary conversations about shifting their revenue model to be more online-focused but any changes are in the distant future.

But, according to the infographic released by the New York Times, their circulation is down. According to the NYT, only six papers are showing an increase. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions!

Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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