What is a ghost writer?

For those of us that have specific blogs that we follow, have you ever wondered how some of these bloggers find the time of day to do all this writing and research, post consistently, tweet consistently, appear and speak at conferences the same day their content is posted? And in a lot of situations, they have regular day jobs and careers with other responsibilities. Well, maybe because they have a little help with their blogs. Enter the ghost.

Dennis McDonald points out the pros and cons of using ghost writers. He points out how Guy Kawasaki uses ghost writers to help with his material. But Guy owns up to why he uses ghost writers in that he is marketing himself and his intellectual capital. He is using Twitter as a publishing platform for his products. This begs the question are you using social media to build relationships or using it for just a publishing platform?

The general principle that the markets are not just conversations, but authentic ones tend to conflict with the approach of a publishing platform. Not that people won’t value your content if it is credible, relevant and informative. But you basically have just a hybrid RSS feed. You are not participating with conversations nor are you allowing others to participate with your content as well.

A common concern with a lot of companies who are breaking into social networks is the bandwidth of resources it will take to manage these conversations. But the tools and skill sets of the recruiters have changed to adjust to the way people are communicating to get employed. They are now forced to be social media experts. Their day to day responsibilities include engaging these conversations. They can help companies as front line publishers knowing very well that HR departments are short staffed with a lot of work. They can have their finger on the bloggosphear pulse to help companies monitor any brand conversations, and report back to the company.

So, if you are trying to establish authentic relationships with your employer brand, you will need to ensure that the person representing your organization IS that person and is responsive. But don’t let bandwidth be a deterrent. You have some natural resources that you can use.

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