5 Elements of a Facebook Fan Page

Samir Balwani posted this very informative article on ideas, strategies and elements of a successful Facebook fan page. He talks about the importance of specific elements that enable your fan page to build large followings over others. These are all pretty sound but how does it tie into recruitment agendas? let’s take a look.

The elements:

1. Networking with other platforms
The idea here is that you need to be socially integrated. Don’t rely on one source to drive your traffic to any of your social sites much less anything within your campaign. Many brand microsites serves as a hub to all social properties. The power of social enables all your networks to connect. That includes all your friends and colleagues out there who are on multiple different platforms. It also includes other social environments within Facebook as well. You may have a Facebook presence from your consumer branding campaign. And don’t forget about mobile!

2. Creating a resource
The idea here is to offer additional valuable content relevant to your business that may open up new markets for your company. So for potential candidates, this may give you opportunity to connect the consumer brand benefit to your employer brand message. Works especially well for companies that target candidates who could very well be their customers.

However what I would add to this category are utility type links to getting employed with your company. This is a timely need with such an awful economy and job market, give them direct links to job searches, job descriptions and job alerts. With the power of open source widgets, enable direct access to recruiter chats and even video streams for live interviews etc.

3. Creating contests that include participation
The idea here is to offer fun incentives to your audience to help build larger communities, and to keep your audience engaged. This is a no brainer when it comes to the rule of allowing your audience to participate with your message. And again another way to connect the consumer brand with your employer brand. If you are building a “fan” page in a social environment, you need to make it socially active.

4. Empowering pre-existing pages
This one is in the discovery process of developing a social page of any kind. The idea here is, before you embark on creating a brand new Facebook page, research what Facebook fan pages or groups may already exist. And more importantly, do a careful audit of those existing pages to see how strong and on concept they are for your needs. Chances are, you may already have a strong network or fan page out there that you can reward and leverage.

5. Targeting the proper demographic
The idea here is very fundamental yet sometimes companies forget about this. Facebook’s demo changes often but a recent study shows that Facebook skews towards female youths. 53% of users have kids and make over 60k. But over 50% are college kids. So as you develop social content on Facebook, keep that in mind.

Ok, so now we see the list above. Very sound. Seems logical and tactical. But there are several things you should work out first. What needs to happen before you can even have a fan page? What are your goals that the fan page is to accomplish? What is the social activity surrounding? And my favorite…what is the concept?

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  1. Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D.

    You need more detail on number 5. It’s not just the demographic you are targeting,it’s one or more specific groups — people employed in a certain industry, people with a particular skill or interest, people who have a particular professional interest, etc. When looked at like that, you may find yourself actually questioning whether you should even be using Facebook. The goal should be to interact with a particular set of individuals, not to use a particular platform.

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