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Friend and colleague, Steve Ehrlich, recently published his predictions for 2009. This inspired me (saying I’ve been inspired seems so much nicer than the truth: I’m stealing his idea) to offer my own predictions. So here are my prognostications for the practice of employer brand management in 2009 (I thought about providing predictions for 2008 to demonstrate better foresight, but realized the irony of getting some of them wrong might be lost.)

1. Two employment sectors will thrive in the year ahead: oil and gas, and the federal government. The primary point of differentiation will be whether or not candidates think they look good in a hard hat.

2. Gen Y will give up on the idea of being gainfully employed and will, instead, insist on receiving immediate retirement benefits.

3. The sandwich board will become the most successful recruitment message channel in the year ahead, creating real-world social networks while simultaneously creating careers for tens of thousands. Special 2010 prediction: This phenomenon will quickly vanish after sandwich board employees unionize and, in the quest for more prestige, switch to panini boards. Confusion reigns.

4. Employers will see a direct correlation between employer brand management and employee engagement, embracing the practice to innovate, increase productivity, and grow their way out of the current downturn. (I felt obliged to include one serious prediction.)

5. Applicant Tracking Systems will be connected to Global Positioning Systems, creating a super-system that, even though it will still be a black hole for candidate resumes, will enable prospects to instantly know how far they are from Schenectady.



Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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