Tweet what you’re thinking

Imagine what would happen if you could tweet what you’re thinking. Well at the University of Wisconsin, biomedical engineer Adam Wilson is thinking his tweets down. Researchers at the Neural Interfaces Lab at the University are testing a software tool that translates thought-induced changes in a scalp’s electrical fields to control an on-screen cursor. This tool opens up possibilities for people with disabilities. 

“The work is special because it meets the immediate needs of locked-in people”, said Purdue University biomedical engineer Kevin Otto, who was not involved in the project.

“It’s in tune with what patients want,” said Otto. “Social networking and communication is really their first desire. There’s been quite a bit of success, and a few demonstrations, helping people to e-mail. But the same reason why people choose Twitter and Facebook over e-mail is the same reason why this is significant.” 

Penny for your pixel thoughts.

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