The day social networking became fun … again.

What I definitely love about my job is that although it has officially remained pretty much the same, it does actually morph into something new every single quarter (or almost, those who know me will acknowledge I NEVER exaggerate).

My job changes because the Internet landscape changes. Social networking in general (and Facebook specifically) vastly changed the way I approach things about two years ago. Just when I was about to drop interest in Facebook (and when all the fuss is around Twitter, which i have also been using for a while) came AKA-AKI.

AKA-AKI is a German location based social network (using GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi triangulation); connected people are sorted by “nearby”, “within walking distance”, “in the city” and “in the region”.

To be honest, I’ve just spent 15 minutes on it yet but can already envision how it is going to change my mobile social networking habits for ever (and also how it is going to impact the dating industry but that is a fully different story).

Join now and be part of the early adopters (service had 100 000 users in march, 1 858 615 “encounters” as I write), message me when nearby, my UN is “delorme”.

Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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