Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

It’s an interesting time in my household. My geek of a husband was recently promoted from Awesomeness Engineer of Superb Versatility (no seriously, that was his actual job title) to Chief Technology Officer. Now, he’s actively trying to hire a few junior developers for his company. And for once, I get to be the know-it-all in our family! Because my husband knows nothing of recruitment advertising or HR practices in general, I’ve been coaching him every step of the way. He’s gotten a great response to his job posting and has been able to source local candidates through GitHub, a social network for developers. Obviously due to my superb expertise, he has quite a pool of candidates to select from. One such candidate has been able to distinguish himself from the pack by sending the below email:

After reflecting on the phone interview last week, I’d like to offer to work for free for a week as a “trial run” of my skills. I’m confident that I’ll be a good fit, and I’m willing to prove it on my tab. Is this a possibility? If so, how would we go about making this a reality? I’m hoping to be a productive and contributing member of the [redacted] team in the near future.



Wow! He’s offering to work for free to prove he’s the right candidate for the job. This struck me as such a unique way to make yourself stand out as a job candidate. It also conveys confidence and a true desire to earn the position. However, I hope this guy can walk the walk. Otherwise, this genius plan could blow up in his face. What other unique tactics have you seen candidates use to differentiate themselves?

Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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  1. Robert Merrill

    Interesting story, thanks for sharing!
    Besides candidates setting themselves apart by making significant impacts in past jobs, some interesting or unique tactics have been writing cover letters poetically, doing a "top ten reasons you should hire me", and things like that. Did he get the job?

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