What is Jelly?

In the spirit of how companies are utilizing crowdsourcing, I came across this concept called Jelly which is not exactly crowdsourcing the way companies are using it, but how people are adapting to new ways of working together while being self employed, or even telecommuting and working from home.

Jelly has been around for around a couple of years and is an idea that has been catching on lately across the nation. It is basically a casual working environment offsite from company brick and motar that invites all different types of people from different types of companies and industries to work together in a casual environment. Whether it is at a coffee shop, someone’s house, a library, patio…pretty much open only if the ammenities are there such as internet connection. It was started simply by 2 individuals who needed to work from home but truly missed the advantages of working, brainstorming and sharing with other people. They found that working in close proximity to new and interesting people every couple weeks resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations which helped their work.

Anyone can start a Jelly and you can sign up to go to one as well. These are great venues to connect to people and different ideas. The ultimate in physical crowdsourcing. Imagine companies sponsoring these gigs all over the world and even providing their products as tools too. And you can imagine having the right type of employee brand evangelists in those Jellys making connections to possible candidates.

You can review more at workatjelly.com

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