Integrating Twitter in Canadian Media Strategies

A recently released report published by Ipsos Reid Canada on Twitter showed that only 26% of Canadians who are online are aware of Twitter (or roughly 6 million Canadians). What’s even more interesting is that only 6% of those, or 360,000, are actually using Twitter. While this number is small, it is important to note that Twitter is a recent Web 2.0 media, and is working through the latter part of the early adopter stage of its lifecycle.

Twitter awareness is highest between the ages of 18-34, making it a prime medium for connecting with millennials and Generation Y. Through communication, open dialogue, and HR-related conversations, Twitter can be a prime medium which you can use to communicate with a notoriously difficult-to-reach community. The study outlines that Twitter “can be used to create brand interest, inform customers…and lastly, to create a community.” Through building a community and dialogue around your brand’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) your organization can effectively target early adopters and your future brand ambassadors.

While this data may tell you that Twitter is not a media for the masses it is key to point out that Twitter is merely one piece in your overall social media strategy. Simply posting jobs to a Twitter account is not a method for pushing open positions, but rather a vehicle for communicating with potential employees. TMP works with many of our clients to develop an overarching social media strategy that incorporates Blogs, Videos, Twitter, Facebook, and overall education on social media strategies to allow you and your teams to better understand the media which you can turn to into recruitment channels.

Twitter use hits a sweet spot with Canadian digitally-savvy internet users, as we begin to define how we use the service for recruitment, marketing, and fundraising events like HOHOTO.

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