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Google’s new release – SideWiki – is going to fundamentally change the way people interact with websites. In essence, the tool makes every page of every website truly socially enabled. Companies must immediately begin to develop strategies around the management of SideWiki commentary on their career sites – even if the adoption of the tool is slow at first. Those that are prepared to listen to, and engage in, the conversation will be well served. Those that ignore the impact of this tool will find their employer brands at risk of being hijacked, distorted, or diminished. On the flip side, SideWiki has the power to be a significantly positive tool that enhances the dialogue and conversation around well articulated employer brands – literally allowing each and every employee to be a part of the recruiting process by sharing insights, stories, experiences, etc. 

One question that I still do not know how to answer is: How will SideWiki impact SEO and SEM? Since Search is such a critical component to a recruiting strategy, we will need an answer to this question quickly.

Jeremiah Owyang posted about SideWiki on his blog earlier today. I think he is absolutely on target with his comments.

How will you prepare for SideWiki?

Let me know what you think.

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Steven Ehrlich
Written by Steven Ehrlich

Fueled by an addiction (and brand loyalty) to Diet Coke, Steven has spent the past 18 years as a complete "tech geek." As an early adopter of everything from the Apple Newton and the Compact Disc to Satellite Radio and the iPhone, Steven has focused on the use of emerging tools and technologies to enhance both brand articulation and recruitment for a multitude of organizations including Yale University, Exelon, Walmart, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Steven is constantly on the move, both in the office and out, working with TMPers and clients alike to explore, develop, and implement strategic initiatives leveraging social media, new technology, and innovative employer brand delivery channels. He is one of the agency's thought leaders and is often found in front of a crowd - large or small - yakking away about some new thing-a-ma-jig or a socially-enabled whos-a-what-sis. At TMP Worldwide, Steven has met some of the brightest, hardest working, and talented people with whom he has ever had the pleasure to work. He is an advocate and brand evangelist for the agency and loves coming to work every day.


  1. Samuel Lavoie Montreal

    Looks really like the Glue toolbar to me, but giving up so much power to Google.

    I see danger.

    At least as the webmaster you can, claim the first comment for yourself. If youve verified ownership of a site through Google Webmaster Central. And every company should do it fast. see example

    Of course having the Google Toolbar installed is a show stopper for me, as other side "discussion" enabler are widely available.

    For further reading I recommend this post and the comments 🙂

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