Are You Ready For Google Wave?

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the social waters…..get ready for a whole new way of instant socialization. In case you haven’t heard the big buzz, on September 30th, Google will launch Google Wave, which is a real-time communication platform. Basically a mashup of email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking and get this…project management all built into one in-browser communication client.

You can bring your own groups of friends, clients, business partners and yes, candidates to discuss anything as well as sharing files. There are a lot of innovative features that Google Wave will have, but here are the basics:

Real-time: In most instances, you can see what someone else is typing, character-by-character.

Embeddability: Waves can be embedded on any blog or website.

Applications and Extensions: Just like a Facebook (Facebook) application or an iGoogle gadget, developers can build their own apps within waves. They can be anything from bots to complex real-time games.

Wiki functionality: Anything written within a Google Wave can be edited by anyone else, because all conversations within the platform are shared. Thus, you can correct information, append information, or add your own commentary within a developing conversation.

Open source: The Google Wave code will be open source, to foster innovation and adoption amongst developers.

Playback: You can playback any part of the wave to see what was said.

Natural language: Google Wave can autocorrect your spelling, even going as far as knowing the difference between similar words, like “been” and “bean.” It can also auto-translate on-the-fly.

Drag-and-drop file sharing: No attachments; just drag your file and drop it inside Google Wave and everyone will have access.

And this is just a small portion of features. There are Wave Gadgets which is basically one of 2 types of Wave extensions.

1. Almost any open social or iGoogle gadget can run inside of a Wave. That means you can launch any of the thousands of applications already built.

2. A gadget built within Wave can take advantage of live interaction with multiple users. That means that the gadget belongs to everyone in that specific Wave and can be manipulated by all. Yowza.

Think of what this could mean to social web design much less socially enabling your career site. Or these possibilities:
• Instant real-time virtual interviewing that can be embedded anywhere
• Real-time day-in-the-life “Wave-a-sodes”
• Real-time career agents embedded throughout your careersite that interacts/chats with candidates in real-time
• Real-time company contests/challenges that are embedded into all key social communities

Ben Parr talks about the 5 ways it could change the web altogether.

Right now there are beta testers going to town with this. I am sure there will be some glitches here and there, but usually new innovative ideas have them to start. If all goes as planned, get ready for a tsunami. Open social is about to be blown up.

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