Government has become an employer of choice. Now what?

The federal government has suddenly become the “employer of choice.” The call to serve and economic uncertainties are sending record numbers to government. In 2009, many federal agency HR departments have suddenly found themselves struggling to keep pace with an influx of resumes. Meanwhile surveys show that college students are more than willing to put fed jobs on their lists, ranking some agencies shoulder to shoulder with Google and Disney. Furthermore, the reasons behind the shift are likely to continue: The lack of private sector opportunities and the present administration’s emphasis on service will continue to keep USAJOBS hopping.

In 2010, agencies will be faced with the new challenges of the recruitment wave. Quantity is a great opportunity, but it doesn’t automatically ensure quality for your requirements. Nor does it necessarily bode well for retention. Adjusting to abundance requires new strategies for workforce planning, branding, selection and the entire hiring process. Stay tuned for more government recruitment challenges and trends.

Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

VP, Digital Products & Strategy

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