Who is your Steve Jobs?

Creating the Steve Jobs effect

Steve Jobs. An innovator, game changer, genius, futurist and visionary. A great loss. The irony of how the world found out about his passing was through the very devices that he envisioned. However taking a look at all of his accomplishments, we are in awe not just because he envisioned the impossible, but a visionary who knew when to allow others’ vision to win out. He led and evangelized the means to make the impossible happen. He inspired us to think beyond our own daily challenges. He enabled his employees as well as the general public to be geniuses. We stopped in the middle of our workday to stream in his keynote to raise our hands in the air and say yes!  He connected with us in such a way, that complete strangers are now woven together into one community.

Now take this magnetic influence and place it in control over your employer brand. Imagine a work culture built out of numerous evangelists all beating to one drum. All believing and living the brand values that most companies just place on walls and annual reports. A true sense of clarity of purpose and community within your organization where everyone, even on bad days is inspired to come to work.

Unfortunately, there are far and few people of Steve Jobs caliber available for hire. But with careful observation, we can take pages out of his book to create enablers within your organization. In doing so, you naturally attract more of the same who want to join you. But characteristics alone won’t be enough. It is a mindset driven from the top down that embraces this kind of thinking. An environment that says you can empower people because you are empowered to do so.

There are specific ingredients that are in the DNA of this type of person who can ignite cultures and drive valuable distinction in employee experiences. These ingredients are the few that really stick out among others. They are the type of qualities you find in great leaders:

The ability to articulate vision through compelling stories

Storytelling is a huge tool in delivering vision. People connect to stories when they are relevant, interesting, dynamic and compelling. You may have a great story to tell, but can you get people to believe it?

Enable those around you to be visionaries

Through inspiration, leading by example, and working in an attitude of empowering others, people gravitate to those that inspire them and make them heroes.

Authentic, unselfish ambition

When you have employees that truly feel they are owners of the organization in a way that whatever goes out that door from the company is a reflection of their work. When you have an environment where the employees feel that you care more about them than yourself, this feeds into a true entrepreneurial spirit within the culture. Employees start to become the quality control for the organization.

Identifying your Steve Jobs can be a lot of fun too. Internal recognition programs or ERP’s could launch off this initiative and invigorate your employees.  Why just settle for one Steve Jobs when you could have 10+?

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