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Some cool things happening in digital advertising as well as more video interpretations of the future.

With a brand like Jordan, you expect amazing. The launch for the new Jordan Melo M8 shoe went beyond that. With incredible light projections onto water explosions, this event had Disney-esque production scale qualities. Nice job WK. Check it out.

With more AR apps being developed, we are starting to see more unique ways to experience advertising. Print ads whether on billboards or magazines are now experiential. The downfall is all the barriers consumers have to go through to experience these ads. Currently, the cool factor is driving curiosity levels to get people to do this but the hype levels will soon die quickly. What this means is that the value you get by doing all this to get to the interactive ad will need to outweigh the cool factor. Check it out.

Another video on the future. This video shows the Kinect effect and how it could affect the future in how we will consume content and interact with materials. There are some things referenced in this video that…well, simply shouldn’t be replaced. Like the musical instruments. Check it out.

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