Social currency turned into real rewards

Social currency is defined when the transaction of shared content encourages further social encounters. Now, this activity is converted into rewards.

Imagine shopping online and getting paid for it? Not in real green backs but with discounts. Small to medium size retailers are starting to reward their customers who “Like” any of their products with a discount on merchandise.

Small start ups like Gloople have developed platforms that enable retailers to instantly reward discounts to their customers who share and like a product on their social networks. The behavior of word of mouth or recommendations is nothing new however placing a commodity to the social behavior drums up some interesting conversations. Will this turn our friends into spam machines? When I like a product that is relevant to me at the time, be relevant for all my friends? (Russell likes this lamp shade.)

So how could this relate to pure content like jobs, profiles, and companies? What would you reward a person for liking this type of content? More important, how do you ensure that what you like isn’t spammed across your entire network of friends? 

This idea may lead to “intelligent likes” in that the content you had just shared appears only to relevant friends in your network that would be interested. Perhaps when you like the content, the platform searches for key attributes that are in your network profiles and wall conversations, and matches them to the attributes that are associated to the content you are sharing. This would work for sharing job content as well.

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  1. Melinda Lane

    This idea may lead to "intelligent likes" is a very importaint part of being active in social medias because you always have to remember that the privacy and safety in the web is very crucial nowadays! In all my essays I write about it!

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