What is Your Recruiter Brand?

We have all spent many hours considering the components of both our consumer and recruitment brands. We talk about employer/employee value propositions, culture, mission, goals and values. We have lots of brainstorming sessions, consultants, charts and diagrams and, hopefully, end up with a true and honest outcome of what it is like to work for the company.

One thing we seldom talk about is taking this recruitment brand that we share with candidates and employees and delving deeper into the process to the actual recruiter brand. This is really your personal brand because it is the way you, as an individual, portray yourself to the world.  Although you support both the consumer and recruitment brands, your talents drive your recruiter brand. Recruiters have a tremendous impact on candidates and are often the reason that an applicant accepts or rejects a position.

What is your recruiter brand? One of the easiest ways to decide what would be a best practice is to look at a candidate’s experience through their eyes. Make a list of what would make the perfect recruiter if you were considering a job change. What would be included on that list? We often look at the actual process including the online application, the interviewing process, paperwork and onboarding. But, for your recruiter brand, we are talking about your own brand and the traits that make you memorable. Normally it would be traits like being honest, courteous, timely, efficient, professional, knowledgeable and competent.

The next step to analyze your personal recruiter brand would be to take your list of perfect attributes and evaluate where you excel, where you perform at an average level and those traits that you know could be improved upon. The only way this can work is if you are totally honest with your self-assessment.  As we were all taught when we were little, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Consider the traits individually:

Honesty – If you are honest with yourself about the position, extend that to the candidate. Turnover often occurs when the new hire gets onboard and finds that the organization and their job is not what was marketed. If it is a challenging department, be honest. If census can dip and they may have to float, be honest. If the lab cross trains within the sectors, be honest. A recent PwC Saratoga report indicates that first year healthcare turnover in 2011 was 28.3%, which is a tremendous cost to any organization.

Courteous and professional – These should always be a given for any recruiter and this includes all aspects online, via phone and in person.

Timely – One of the most negative experiences that any candidate faces is the lack of a timely response and efficient process. These are things that can be fixed on a larger scale but you can quickly change how timely you are in your response. Keep in touch with the candidates, give them feedback and be prompt.

Knowledgeable – This too should go without saying but a good recruiter will always know the unique selling points of both the organization and the department/job. It is impossible to sell something if you don’t know why it is better than the competition. Again, this is your job and an easy trait to obtain. Adding to this would be your overall recruitment knowledge from trends, sourcing techniques, social networks and making sure that available tools are used as part of your everyday strategy.

Competent – This trait encompasses everything you do and will lead to the end result and a good outcome. If you are a competent recruiter in all areas, you will be timely, knowledgeable and efficient. You do want to be one of the main reasons that a candidate chooses to work for your organization and, even if the candidate is not hired, you can make their experience a positive one.

Healthcare/Social Assistance will add more than 5.6 million employees by 2020 and will continue to be the largest job gainer. There is much to be done so please take the time today to analyze your recruiter brand because you do have a tremendous impact on the success of your company.

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