How higher education needs to change…fast!

In a recent New York Times essay, former Harvard President Lawrence Summers has corroborated something that our client branding interviews have been telling us: institutions of higher learning simply aren’t keeping up with current work needs fast enough. For example, defense programs need more systems engineers, yet most engineering schools have yet to incorporate this multi-disciplinary specialization. In fact, as Dr. Summers points out, universities most often cling to an outdated departmental organization that reflects where academia was “when the grandparents of today’s students were undergraduates.” Dr. Summers concludes that “the next quarter century will see more change in higher education than the last three combined.” Most important, taking advantage of technology, education will be able to contour itself more around how individuals actually learn.

Dr. Summers’ essay is based on a keynote address that he gave last September at the New York Times Schools for Tomorrow conference.

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Thomas Delorme
Written by Thomas Delorme

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