Recruiting to a cause, not a job.

The power of the rally cry.

People rally around movements, they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Especially the next generation workforce.  Millennials are a highly connected entrepreneurial group. They are ambitious, open-minded and optimistic. They are confident, self-assured and think outside the box. More than any previous generation, Millennials believe they are capable of bringing about positive change in the world.

When you talk to this audience, it is often challenging to motivate them around the opportunity much less trying to get their attention within the sea of sameness of messages in the first place. However a story of impact that attracts this entrepreneurial spirit can push through apathy, routine and the polarization of a job search.

Job descriptions only describe the tactical and utilitarian function of a job rather than the outcome and the meaning behind why you would do it. Some are well written, but are in the form of a short novel and is usually buried under a job title and a very general headline.

A cause is the aspirational element of the opportunity. The ingredient which helps differentiate the opportunity with conviction and purpose beyond the job title. It can address an entire industry or business need which becomes more engaging and persuasive to want to be a part of. It calls out to people’s competencies and natural abilities, not their job titles.

A cause enables that hard to get talent to, in fact, dream big and build aspirations beyond their current role.

A cause is direct and can actually say something. It catches everyone’s attention and becomes easy to socially activate and promote throughout the networks and even get press. We have all become conditioned and very cynical about all the nicely constructed rhetoric in advertising. Ironically, the truth-in-advertising statements are the ones that jump out of the crowd. It takes a bold and courageous company to run with this approach and as we have seen, they are the ones leading the packs.

A cause is specific and helps simplify and distinguish the calling to an already overly crowded space of messages.

And a cause can help matriculate talent network pools out of your interns for future recruitment. As an example, event driven initiatives can develop around these causes that gets students involved with your work. By the time they are seniors, they are ready and willing to join you.

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