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As the Regional Vice President of Client Strategy for TMP Worldwide Chicago-Midwest, Brian collaborates with leading organizations on their employment brand, attracting qualified candidates, and providing thought leadership on their overall talent acquisition strategy. Brian’s expertise focuses on the candidate experience, providing ongoing engagement for improved experience, and leveraging SAAS based technology to drive overall efficiencies across the digital landscape. Prior to joining TMP Worldwide Brian held leadership positions at startups and Fortune 1000 companies. An industrial organizational psychologist, Di Bartolomeo has an outstanding reputation for developing, implementing, and maintaining sound measurable business practices and effective communication skills with clients, and leadership skills with internal teams.

A Journey of a Thousand Hires Begins with a Single Step

A Journey of a Thousand Hires Begins with a Single Step

As many of you know, TMP Worldwide focuses on the entire ecosystem of talent acquisition. Our consultation spotlights the candidate experience. When we work with clients, we look at their brand, the digital landscape, their audience needs and the types of engagement needed to attract and convert candidates across the digital and non-digital ecosystem. At three of my past Quarterly…