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Melina Garda leads Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing at TMP Worldwide. A veteran Talent Acquisition leader, Melina has worked with F500 clients to help them identify and hire top-shelf talent, and has provided process consultation, building complex talent acquisition solutions for a variety of companies across the US. With a special focus on digital media and digital advertising, Melina knows what drives the market both for candidates and for companies. You can contact Melina at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

How to Turn Your Employees Into Enthusiastic Ambassadors

How to Turn Your Employees Into Enthusiastic Ambassadors

If you’re in the talent acquisition space, you’ve heard the analogy that job-searching is like dating. And just like the relationships you build outside of work, the ones you establish with your employees take time, effort and understanding. It’s so easy for recruiters to forget about a candidate once they have joined the company. Once you’ve landed your fish, there’s…