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Sums, Sex and Employer Brand Metrics

Sums, Sex and Employer Brand Metrics

Forget that Great Barrier Reef job, the sexiest jobs in the 21st century will be in data science.  This was the prediction made by Thomas Davenport and D.J. Patil in the Harvard Business Review. They should know. They’re data scientists. They crunched the numbers and they came out sexy.

The following post suggests 10 steps you can take to introduce 'full-cycle' metrics and linkages that will enable you to shift the overall focus of your employer brand marketing activities from short term cost considerations to the longer value you’re adding to business performance. As a result you’ll also be more able to secure the necessary investments required to make a lasting difference. Sexy indeed.  


The Year of the Customer

We have heard from various articles that 2014 is the Year of the Customer. That statement is pretty easy to comprehend when a salesman is selling cars or a physician is treating patients. But what does that really mean for a human resource professional?

The Art of Achieving Brand Agility

The Art of Achieving Brand Agility

Content marketing has been the topic of choice across the marketing and digital media world for some time now. Last year, LinkedIn reported that 93% of surveyed marketers currently use content marketing to some degree, and 58% plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014. Due to the success and positive impact of using social media at opportune moments (think Oreo’s timely tweet during last year’s Super Bowl “blackout”), strategies around “moment marketing” and especially the phrase “agile”, have recently achieved buzzword status. Being “agile” now stands proudly, using its own balletic feet, among the ranks of ad viewability, responsive design, and big data.

Nursing shortage and implications

The Registered Nurse shortage is a topic that has been discussed at length, as it is the top growth occupation during the current decade. Between 2010 and 2020, the projected growth is 26% or 712,000 new positions. In addition, ongoing retirements add another 495,000 replacement positions for a grand total of 1.2 million additional nurses needed by 2020. 

(   Although this shortage will be across the United States the West and the South are forecast to experience the largest impact.

What is Your HR Structure?

Times have definitely changed in the last few years and what we now see in a Human Resource Department is no exception. Some of you can relate—think back. Years ago people worked in Personnel and basically many of the titles are the ones we use today.  There was a VP, an Employment or Recruitment Manager and then the recruiters. Before the days of the excellent ATS systems we have today, even the process was different.

Candidates filled out the hard copy application, they were reviewed and interviews were set up. All of the hard to fill candidates were seen in HR first and then referred to the hiring manager for next steps. Often times HR would even set up the second interview for the candidate or, with a terrific candidate, the hiring manager would drop what they were doing and see the applicant immediately after the interview with HR. Decisions were made rather quickly and the onboarding process began following successful references and background checks.

What Happens After The Scan?

For many years now we’ve spoken in great lengths to our clients and job seekers alike about the promising potential that mobile brings to the world of recruitment and its ability to reach and engage prospective candidates anytime and anywhere.  Through this time, we’ve gained some serious mobile mileage and have enabled major advancements in how company career sites render on mobile devices and the speed in which job seekers can apply for positions from these personal devices carried in their pockets. While we’re now living in an age in which recruiters are thinking mobile first in terms of career site design, I remain surprised at the often neglected little engine of mobile recruitment marketing – the use of QR codes to digitalize an otherwise static and undifferentiated job ad.

How Sandy tested our employer brand

It was Friday afternoon, October 26th. We just got through presenting to our client. It was a very successful one. Naturally we all broke into conversations around what plans we had for the weekend. Not your typical weekend type plans of leisure. The conversations were around preparedness and survival. With nervous candor we humored each other about buying large umbrellas and floatation devices. Trying our best to stay strong to the fact that we were about to be hit by the deadliest storm in over 40 years, and the largest ever to form in the Atlantic Basin.

Is 2013 Better Than 2012?

Now that everyone is through with their holidays, decorations put away and holiday bills are starting to roll in—are you better off now than one year ago? When we think of changes that have occurred in both our business and personal environments, there are a number of people that aren’t sure.

When people received their first checks in 2013, they certainly realized a couple of things that we knew were coming. First, the payroll tax reverted back to 6.2% from the 4.2% where it had been the last 2 years. In addition, most organizations saw the need to raise the cost of healthcare coverage, which could be quite an impact for families.