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What is Your Recruiter Brand?

We have all spent many hours considering the components of both our consumer and recruitment brands. We talk about employer/employee value propositions, culture, mission, goals and values. We have lots of brainstorming sessions, consultants, charts and diagrams and, hopefully, end up with a true and honest outcome of what it is like to work for the company.

Career Site vs. Corporate Site. Should you have both?

There are many scenarios that determine whether a company should have both a corporate site and a separate careers site. All of which are driven from the organization's workforce strategies, complexity of the company, talent they seek, and the depth of the employer value proposition story that needs to be told. 

Resumes – The Good, The Bad and the Lies

Resumes have become a very controversial topic in the human resource industry. Many feel that you can’t live with them – but others are adamant that you can’t live without them. As we ponder the pros and cons of these documents and what correlation they may have to a quality hire, there are various things that we must consider.

In today’s world of online applications, there are still many organizations that require the candidate to attach a resume. Since a recent ERE article explained that a recruiter averages about 6 seconds ( to scan a resume, we can certainly agree that it had better be solid and eye catching, yet brief!

Gray Does Matter

In recent reports from the U.S. Census Bureau, it is amazing to note that the number of persons 65+ years of age will actually double from 2000 (35 million) to 2030 (72.1 million). Although we often talk about the large retirement figures, workforce planning and succession planning - seldom do we hear companies discuss other issues associated with the mass exodus of two large generations from our workforce. The Baby Boomers  (1946-1964) and the Traditionalists/Veterans (born before 1946) are ready to march out the door and little is being done to stop them.

Recruiting to a cause, not a job.

The power of the rally cry.

People rally around movements, they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Especially the next generation workforce.  Millennials are a highly connected entrepreneurial group. They are ambitious, open-minded and optimistic. They are confident, self-assured and think outside the box. More than any previous generation, Millennials believe they are capable of bringing about positive change in the world.

Benchmarks for Healthcare – Where are They?

In the healthcare industry of 2012 where we find the search for the best talent an ongoing challenge, HR professionals often seek national and statewide data to compare their performance. Although they can usually be obtained, it isn’t always easy. Some of the most valuable data can be found through organizations such as NAHCR, ASHHRA and

NAHCR is the National Association for Health Care Recruitment, an organization of health care recruitment professionals that seek education, information and resources. One valuable resource they offer is a partnership with Lean Human Capital to do their Health Care Recruitment Benchmark Study each year.

Simplicity is the new innovation

We are living and working in an exciting world of rapid productization. With a world clock of compressed time zones, innovative new products are launched to the public as fast as it takes to open a browser. Never before have we been able to be a part of future evolution like we are today. We are the guinea pigs of technology's bipolar characteristics in that we are constantly playing catch up to the next 2.0, 3.0, 4.0+ upgrades. We are all a part of a science project in a test tube known as the target audience.

What would some of the most iconic advertising be like if they had access to the power of digital?

In celebration of Internet Advertising turning 18 years old this year, Google has put a challenge out to our industry of advertising. And that is to bring some of the most iconic, memorable and classic advertising campaigns to life using the power of the digital medium we have today. Four major brands have participated along with the original group of advertising legends that created those campaigns.

Straw Poll Results Are In

It is the year of straw polls, debates, promises and wishful thinking. In honor of the times, I decided to do my own straw poll to evaluate the frustrated new graduate RNs that are still finding it rather difficult to obtain jobs. We have heard the “shortage” word for many years and know the forecast of the shortages ahead. Yet, if you share those numbers with new graduates-they would have a hard time believing it.

National Geographic Augmented Reality

National Geographic has done a beautiful job in bringing their brand to life through a wonderful AR experience. Audiences walk onto the marker in the middle of the mall and look up towards the big screen to see them selves surrounded with dinosaurs and astronauts.