Carnival of HR – Veteran Recruitment Edition!

Carnival of HR – Veteran Recruitment Edition!

This month we’re pleased to guest host the longstanding Carnival of HR series. Started in 2007 by Suzanne Lucas a.k.a. the Evil HR Lady, the Carnival of HR is dedicated to bringing together the best posts from the HR blogging community. Currently, the Carnival of HR is managed by Shauna Moerke a.k.a. the HR Minion.

For July, we’re taking on the theme of “veteran recruitment.” Recruiting veterans requires a strategic approach, as TMP’s Vice President – Military Programs, Mark Prins, points out:

“Discover what your military brand is, how you can incorporate that into effective messaging and socialize it within the organization so that everyone is singing from the same sheet music.

Engagement is critical. Depending on which subset your audience falls into, they will be looking for different information about the organization based on where they are in their career (ex: still in service, about to separate, recently separated or in the workforce, but still have a strong military attachment.).

Being able to connect with your audience is key. Your military destination page should provide:

• An understanding of specific military challenges

• A clear career path

• Access to mentors and shared experiences

• Tools to ease into the job transition

Finally, monitor what you are doing, what’s successful, what can be changed or improved. Don’t just look at the numbers. Talk to candidates who have been through the process and see where improvements can be made.”

Below are a few more resources from thought leaders in the industry, to help you streamline your recruitment strategy.

1. Randstad Sourceright, an operating company of Randstad, the second largest HR services provider in the world, discusses the top 5 reasons your veteran hiring initiatives might fail.

2. The HR professionals at take a collegiate approach to veteran recruitment. Check out their 9 tips on hiring veterans on college campuses.

3. Jobscience, the people behind the big data that’s helping recruiters raise their game, explains how staffing firms can recruit veterans more effectively.

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