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National Geographic Augmented Reality

National Geographic has done a beautiful job in bringing their brand to life through a wonderful AR experience. Audiences walk onto the marker in the middle of the mall and look up towards the big screen to see them selves surrounded with dinosaurs and astronauts. 

Digital Cool

Some cool things happening in digital advertising as well as more video interpretations of the future.

With a brand like Jordan, you expect amazing. The launch for the new Jordan Melo M8 shoe went beyond that. With incredible light projections onto water explosions, this event had Disney-esque production scale qualities.

The future is starting to look a little chilly

It is very interesting how most "The future is going to be this..."presentations and videos are starting to all feel the same and center on common themes. Themes around cloud computing, always-on devices available everywhere, and convenient personalization of each person's world whether at work or play. The videos that deliver these stories are calming with a feeling of control, and peace of mind. Yet there are elements that are a little uncomfortable. 

To boldly go where no cv has gone before

We spend an enormous amount of time and money branding ourselves to potential candidates. Yet for a lot of companies there is a syndrome in place that drastically affects the candidate's experience with the brand. And in a down economy, your candidate engagement strategies don't necessarily have to change, they just need to be firing on all cylinders.

Mobile App or Mobile Web?

So which should you develop, a mobile web campaign or a mobile app?

The answer to that is dictated by your overall objectives, needs, budget, and target audience's mobile behavior. Theoretically for B to C or B to B campaigns, the choice between the two shouldn't be approached as an either/or proposition, but as an integrated complimentary strategy. In a recent white paper published by the MMA, A Brand Marketer's Guide to the Mobile Web and Mobile Apps: Not an Either/or Proposition, they laid out some core fundamentals to help us all see through the brightness of all the shiny objects launched each day.

Combating Roadblocks to New Technologies

In my last post, I discussed how technology, specifically the iPad, is finding its way into hospitals and other healthcare settings nationwide - and in some cases, even becoming company sponsored.  But along with the adoption and implementation of high tech devices and programs, often comes the problem of how to ensure staff members fully understand how to navigate and utilize the new technology to its fullest.  Several factors often emerge as common roadblocks to an employee fully embracing new technologies.

iPads: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Remember the days of good old pagers?  Doctors sure do.  They and other healthcare professionals have taken advantage of mobile technology for quite some time now.  But, instead of the pager or cell phone, more recently, it’s the iPad that’s become increasingly popular for doctors to carry.  Chilmark Research concludes that 22% of doctors within the United States use iPads. 

3 Critical Needs in Mobile Marketing

Last week I attended the 2010 Uplinq Mobile conference in San Diego, and I found myself sitting in a very large auditorium packed to standing room only with app developers, mobile marketers and wireless providers. You felt the energy and ubiquity of wireless communication, and how far and fast people are adapting to new behaviors. The room was buzzing with mobile devices as oppose to clacking keyboards on laptops. People tweeting, posting, FourSquaring, and emailing content. 

Massive World Cup Social Campaign

World Cup fans can take part in a massive social display with Nike's Write The Future campaign. Fans can text a 57-character inspirational message through Facebook, Mxitt, or Twitter and choose a picture of the favorite soccer player that would be projected onto the Life Center, one of Johannesburg's largest skyscrapers. The interactive LED screen measures 44 meters high by…