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3 Critical Needs in Mobile Marketing

Last week I attended the 2010 Uplinq Mobile conference in San Diego, and I found myself sitting in a very large auditorium packed to standing room only with app developers, mobile marketers and wireless providers. You felt the energy and ubiquity of wireless communication, and how far and fast people are adapting to new behaviors. The room was buzzing with mobile devices as oppose to clacking keyboards on laptops. People tweeting, posting, FourSquaring, and emailing content. 

Massive World Cup Social Campaign

World Cup fans can take part in a massive social display with Nike's Write The Future campaign. Fans can text a 57-character inspirational message through Facebook, Mxitt, or Twitter and choose a picture of the favorite soccer player that would be projected onto the Life Center, one of Johannesburg's largest skyscrapers. The interactive LED screen measures 44 meters high by…

YouTube Turns 5

It doesn't seem that long, yet so much has progressed with the way we express ourselves. Enjoy this tour of how this thing called YouTube has changed the world. Happy 5th anniversary YouTube.

Where is Augmented Reality Going?

One of the most popular interactive delivery of content in the past 2 years has been Augmented Reality. Augmented reality for those who don't know is a combination of real-world and computer-generated data where graphic objects are blended into real camera footage in real time. In other words, users can view content that could take the form of video, 3d…

You Tube Interactive

Now companies are finding newer ways to make You Tube more interactive. With a bit of flash magic and Brand Channel features, watch how you can control the video and even see more unseen video the more you watch. Somewhat linear but pretty soon most videos will engage you to participate with it's contents rather than just be a passive…

Mobile web vs web; should you develop 2 sites?

As the smartphone market increases, the demand for mobile content increases as well. And not just smartphones, but wireless devices all together. The question isn't if companies should have 2 sites; one for mobile and the other for desktop. The question is what content will people find valuable to interact with via mobile versus their desktop? I would also add…

Mobile Matters

For several years now, I have been pontificating on the critical importance of mobile devices in terms of the next generation of recruitment. Mobile devices are ubiquitous and offer organizations the opportunity to - quite literally - put their messages in the palms of their candidates' hands. Mobile phones are personal - we don't share them with others. They are always…

Google Chrome; a simple demonstration

Google Chrome browser touted as the fastest and most robust browser, here is a demonstration of the features done in a very down to earth way. If you haven't tried Google Chrome, now would be a good time. Play with it and test it out!

Can a simple barcode bridge the chasm between print and online engagement for recruiters?

The advent of 3G cellular nets —plus the widespread adoption of broadband-capable IPhones, Blackberries, and Android-equipped mobiles—promises an exciting new wrinkle in recruiting practice. Government recruiters should be particularly enthusiastic, because this technology effectively creates a new and stunningly inexpensive gateway for engaging recruits with convenient mobile phone access to your Web, online, and video materials. The linchpin in this…