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Jobsearch on Twitter?

My colleague Matt was sharing this new twitterjobsearch site with me yesterday. The site says "coming soon ...", the Twitter account is teasing ... So i decided i should do some investigation Here is what i found out. Obviously, the service comes from an english company (salaries in pounds), if you look at the whois, you'll see the domain owner…

Twitter uses…

This is a Ted talk by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams on the unexpected uses of the service... Want to know more? Reach out to me with a comment here and join the conversation. SZE  

The Future is…Now.

My friend Tom and I were using iChat on our Macintosh laptops with built-in iSight cameras and Wi-Fi access to share information about upcoming presentations we were both working on. My iPhone rang in the middle of our video chat so I texted the person who had called me and I told them that I would chat with them via IM in a minute. I started thinking about how, according to my father, he used to have to walk to school, uphill both ways in the snow, carrying pennies and nickels in his pocket so he could pay for lunch and some telephone calls at a pay phone (A pay phone? What is that?) Tom and I discussed how media has evolved from help wanted signs to classified ads and from online job postings to social media. Tom and I had a good laugh and he shared the video below (from 1981) with me in response to my comments about how the leadership in some media organizations has suffered from a lack of innovation and vision. Amazing how far we have come. How far will we go? Which media will remain and what will emerge? What is next in recruitment and employment communications? How will brands evolve and engage? Want to know more? Reach out to me with a comment here and join the conversation. SZE

Hi (& a quick piece of news)

Ok, to everything there is a first ... and here is mine on TMP blogs ... Before we start, please excuse me for not being a native english speaker (ok, ok, I know, this is more about writing, but still ... this might cause a massive amount of typos & some incorrect grammar; I tend to keep my writing short though). To all of you readers, i apologize in advance. Well, this had to be done :) Just a quick one for today : you might (assuming you speak some french) want to give an eye on Monster's first ever (or so i think) virtual job fair. http://www.monster-edays.fr/ Image 7.png 29 IT companies, some really good ideas in there (live video chat ...), some really nice execution (especially the "find your fit" part called "faire le test d'affinité").

The Dis-Comfort Zone

At least once a day I am asked, "Why should I work with a recruitment advertising agency?" Depending on the person asking the question any, or all, of the following are true: • Our knowledge and expertise. • Our ability to develop and execute sound strategies that get results. • Our ability to save money and negotiate added-value on media plans. • Our purpose-built infrastructure and professional account management teams. There is, however, a deeper, and potentially more important, answer: "Because we make you uncomfortable." Now, that is a somewhat disquieting statement, isn't it? Aren't agencies supposed to make your life easier? Of course we are, but we also have a responsibility to push you. Einstein defined "Insanity" as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Today, many recruiting professionals are stuck in a rut, using the same sourcing tools and strategies over and over again, year after year. Why do they do this? Mostly, because these tools and strategies are in their "comfort zone." These recruiting managers know and understand the tools, have the infrastructure to support their use, and have budgeted for their costs. "We do this because we have always done it," is no longer a valid reason to engage in a sourcing strategy or recruitment effort. The recruitment advertising marketplace has shifted dramatically in the past 5 years, and it continues to do so at an ever-increasing pace. The impending Baby-Boomer retirements and the emergence of Generations X and Y have changed the landscape. New tools and technologies have been developed to help recruiting professionals drive efficiencies in sourcing and recruiting. The adoption rates for these tools are growing, just not as quickly as one might think. Many recruiting managers are interested in trying new ideas and tools, they just do not know how, and more importantly, they cannot risk failed ROI on the project. This blog will be a forum in which I will continually challenge the status quo. I will encourage my readers to take the leap of faith and push the limits of their own discomfort zones particularly regarding interactive strategies and Web 2.0. Together, we will find new tools and technologies that will make recruiting more engaging and more efficient. Please, join me on the journey.