Content: More Ways to Attract and Engage Candidates

Content: More Ways to Attract and Engage Candidates

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Most career sites cater to the low-hanging fruit: candidates who were going to apply already. They hope branded searches, job boards and ads are enough to draw in plenty of candidates and engage them, but we know they won’t.

Content expands your reach to people who don’t know who you are, who aren’t already fans, and may not even be ready to apply. It engages at every stage of the funnel, compelling them to get closer to your most important action: application.

Recruiting content can take the form of articles and PR from your marketing team, pictures of your company outing, or even a more complete picture of what the job really looks and feels like, beyond the vague job description. It’s up to you and your needs.

Follow @thewarfortalent on TwitterSo if you’re ready to take your career site beyond the “usual tactics” without breaking the bank, start looking at how content can drive more and better applications than just an apply button. Give your most crucial and hardest-to-hire a reason why they should apply and you’ll be surprised at how many do.



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