Help Me, Wanda! #7: How Do I Get People to Notice My Cool Workspace?

Help Me, Wanda! #7: How Do I Get People to Notice My Cool Workspace?

Dear Wanda,

One of our call centers was renovated on Extreme Workspace Makeovers. It’s super modern and sleek looking now, and employee morale is definitely up. I want to show off our cool new space in a way that will entice candidates to apply. I don’t feel posting photos will be enough. What else can I do?


Before and After

Dear Before and After,

A wise woman once said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Fun fact: that woman was my great-great-great grandmother’s neighbor. It’s still sound advice, except today audiences expect more than a static image, and they want it now.

Audiences expect more than a static image, and they want it now.

To get their attention, you need to create dynamic and personalized recruiting content. What about your cool workspace appeals to your target audience? Identify that and you can begin to create compelling content. Let’s explore a few options:

1. Gamification

Why not create a “desk decorating” contest? This will not only show off the uniqueness of your physical space, but also the personalities that set your company apart from your competitors. Be sure to share the photos on social – not just the winning desk, but all the participants.

2. Video

Gifs and Vines are great bits of micro-content you can use to delight your audience. For a longer format, consider interviewing your employees about their favorite part of the new office. If you have a budget, equip your employees with a GoPro and let them record a first-person, behind-the-scenes tour of the space.

3. Infographics

What are some compelling stats about your new workspace? Is it Green certified? Do you have a designated nap room? How many employees call this office home, and where in the world are they from? This information, partnered with branded iconography, will make for a share-worthy piece of content.

It’s 2016, which means you have a myriad of ways you can tell your brand story. Get creative and go beyond standalone photos to incorporate contests, videos or graphic elements.

Happy Hiring,


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