How to Promote Job Events So People Will Actually Attend

How to Promote Job Events So People Will Actually Attend

Do you have a job fair or open house coming up and want to get the word out? Great news! Working with even a small budget, you can use social media to effectively promote your event. Even better news: you have the opportunity to reach exactly who you need to attract. You can ensure you’re doing this correctly by following these do’s and don’ts of promoting recruitment events.

Do This:

  • Provide a link directly to an RSVP page or a page on your website that has more information about the jobs you’re looking to hire. Simply telling people on social media that there’s a job fair happening soon isn’t going to get you prospects – it’s going to waste your money.
  • Include a nice, high-quality image with your post for attention. The image could be of the facility you’re hiring for, your specific location at the job fair, or a stock image of people in the position you’re hiring. Visuals will help your post stand out; just make sure they’re relevant. (Bonus: don’t just drop in an image of your company logo and nothing else. There’s no value in that.)

Don’t just drop in an image of your company logo and nothing else. There’s no value in that.

  • Target your location plus 25-50 miles. Especially around larger cities, some folks will be willing to make a commute; depending on your industry, they may have to. In smaller areas (cities with less than one million people), expanding your target area increases your chances of finding the right candidates.
  • Include basic requirements in the promotion when applicable. Basic requirements might simply include a certain level of experience, degrees, or a specialty area. Your industry or target audience may not require such detail.For example, NICU nurses with 5 years’ experience and a higher level of licensure would appreciate that information well before interacting with your content. Your executive positions may not need such detail. (Bonus: don’t do this if your post already exceeds 200 characters on Facebook – your copy will not be seen unless people interact. Keep your post copy short.)
  • Clearly and prominently display the date, time and location. It sounds rudimentary, but link previews can’t be relied on to clearly display this information. Again, simply stating that there’s a job fair isn’t enough – you need to lead the horse to water, as they say.

Don’t Do This:

  • Don’t include a paragraph of text in the image you’re promoting. It’s not helpful for the users to be blasted with text about an Open House, and Facebook won’t allow you to post it anyway. The platform requires all promoted images to keep text below 20% of the total surface area.
  • Don’t try to pack every single bit of information into your ad – focus on simply getting interested candidates to the next step (i.e. your website to learn more).
  • Don’t include a link to your website homepage. Seriously. It’s just lazy on your part, and it provides no value to a user who decides to click and learn more. In fact, it’s worse than neutral – it’s detrimental to your efforts.
  • Don’t target hundreds of thousands of people – it’s probably too much. There’s no need to target an entire metropolitan area because it’s impossible for every one of those people to be interested in your job fair. Instead, refine your audience to include only those who have the proper qualifications and interests within your target location and age range. Each social network helps you refine this easily and specifically.
  • Don’t include your recruiter’s personal contact information – leave that for the page you’re directing people toward. People who go there will be seriously considering attending your event and are much less likely to abuse the level of trust you’ve put out to thousands of people.

Bottom line:

You shouldn’t promote your event passively. You should be promoting it actively by making it very easy for your candidates to reach the next step in the recruiting funnel. You won’t be able to convince someone to attend your event with a simple ad (there has to be more). It is possible, however, to ensure people definitely don’t attend your event. These lessons will give you a fighting chance at attracting your top talent.

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