Moms Know Best: 9 Truths Our Moms Taught Us About Recruitment Marketing

Moms Know Best: 9 Truths Our Moms Taught Us About Recruitment Marketing

I know what this post looks like. One of those articles that strings together two disparate ideas for the purposes of getting you to click. I promise you, it isn’t. Over the course of this blog post, my inbound marketing team members and I will prove to you that moms are the original recruitment marketers, and that their advice is something we can all learn from. If you read the whole thing and still aren’t convinced, we’ll rinse your mouth out with soap.

1. “Daughters of nagging mothers grow up to be more successful.” – Erica Goldberg, SEO Analyst

This is solid, science-backed advice. In a study conducted by the University of Essex in England, researchers followed the lives of 15,500 girls between the ages 13 and 14, and found that the girls with moms who set high standards for them growing up were more likely to go on to college and earn higher wages.

Recruitment marketing takeaway:

Set high standards for your applicants. You want discerning candidates, not ones who hit apply on every job they see. Create content that matches their intellect and you’ll have a greater chance of attracting quality candidates. Move beyond posting dime-a-dozen meme graphics and create content that reflects the personality and values of your company. Let your employees tell their story so candidates can connect to the people behind the brand.

2. “Take a deep breath.” – Ali Kelley, Content Marketing Specialist

I was an anxious kid growing up. Sometimes that meant I missed assignments because I was too busy worrying about the next task. My mom was always encouraging me to slow down, take a deep breath, and take it one step at a time.

Recruitment marketing takeaway:

In the world of recruitment marketing, your “deep breath” is your strategy. Start each new project with a clear head by creating a strategic approach to guide you through to completion. Your strategy may involve hiring goals, target candidates, and a plan for outreach. Beginning a project with these elements will help provide clarity and reduce stress down the line.

3. “Don’t pull nose hairs out: you’ll die.” – James Ellis, Director of Inbound Marketing

Moms are no strangers to hyperbole. They’ve been known to say a lot of outrageous things to make their point. And sometimes it actually works. Think about it: when was the last time you pulled a nose hair?


Recruitment marketing takeaway:

Whatever you do, be memorable. Job applicants are inundated with the same bland recruitment speak every day. Don’t just say, “Come work for us.” Show applicants your company “wow” factor and put your values into action. Plenty of companies say they are an ideal place to spend 8 hours a day but provide little compelling evidence. Stand out from the pack by daring to put “nose hairs” and “death” in the same sentence.

4. “Do what you need to do; you’ll figure out how to get there.” – Mike Bragg, Content Marketing Manager

“My mom always taught my sisters and me to notice when a good thing presents itself and to get ourselves there somehow. It doesn’t matter if there’s not enough time/money/experience – if it’s good for you and you need to do it, there’s a way to make it happen. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet,” says Bragg.

Mike200SqRecruitment marketing takeaway:

Recruitment marketers shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box and use what resources they have. You don’t need to have a big budget to create an effective, professional-looking company culture video. Emerging social apps like Periscope are making it easier than ever for companies to harness the power of video to tell their brand story. Not every social network will be right for your brand, but it would be wrong to dismiss trending platforms without first considering if they can support your goals.

5. “Think before you speak.” – Josh Pittman, Team Lead, Content Marketing

From a young age, moms teach us that words have consequences. Once you put it out there, it’s much harder to take back what you said. One alternative? Ruminate on your thoughts before expressing them.

josh pittmanRecruitment marketing takeaway:

If social media is a part of your recruitment marketing strategy, the immediacy of the channel can be very tempting. But as exciting as it is to get your words out there, you need to consider the flip side. Many brands have suffered from hastily publishing an ill-conceived post. All of your communication, be it a tweet or a newsletter, needs to be unified. Each time you publish content, think of the target you’re trying to reach and if your content accomplishes your goal.

6 & 7. “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.” – Melinda Benoit, Content Marketing Manager; “YOLO.” – Courtney Sprewer, Inbound Marketing Intern

Melinda200SqIt’s true, you do only live once, and some more adventurous moms have taught us to take this Drake lyric to heart. Reminding yourself that life is short is a great way to stay open-minded and push yourself to try new things. Don’t wait around for the perfect time, because the perfect time will never happen.

Recruitment marketing takeaway:

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but are letting fear stop you fCourtney200Sqrom executing? How will you ever know if your employee-generated-content campaign will work if you don’t put it into action? You don’t have to follow the same framework of those that came before you. If you have an idea, plan, strategize and put it into action.

8 & 9. “Elbows off the table or you’ll be older than you’re able.” – Patrick Welch, SEO Analyst; “How would you like to be treated? Treat others in that way.” – Katherine Rupp, Operations Strategist

Patrick200SqBe kind, decent, and have manners. Do not throw others under the bus or start petty fights because it is easy or fun in the moment. Empathize.

Recruitment marketing takeaway:

Remember to extend decency to everyone involved in the recruitment funnel. That includes candidates who applied but did not get the job. They may not be working for your company, but they are still crucial brand reps. Leave them on the best possible noteKatherine200Sq to increase the chances of them speaking favorably to others about their experience.

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