Andrew Marritt single-handedly ends my boycott!

I am officially ending the boycott of my blog, thanks to Andrew Marritt of Geneva, Switzerland, who has offered to spread the word on the employer brand (see comments posted to "Boycotting my blog - Day 8). Thank you, Andrew, for restoring my faith in the employment marketing and blogging communities - and good luck with your presentation in Germany. If these random, semi-articulate postings are reaching beyond the Alps, perhaps others are reading them as well. Hope is such a dangerous drug. r

Google Innovation

google.jpg MSandE472 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' Seminar Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, speaks about the true entrepreneurial and innovative culture at Google and what are the key principles that drive this culture. As part of a lecture series on thought leadership through Stanford University, she explains where and how ideas are formed at Google, and what is needed in order to cultivate it. The kind of principles that any company that is remotely serious on innovation should take to heart. Quite an interesting lecture in that the content structure in and of itself is a very effective recruiting vehical for Google. You really feel that you are hearing the true inside scoop of the company, and it is delivered in a very real way. No elevator speak. You can tell that she is actually tied directly to the work. She rolls up her sleeves and dives right in. And what is more compelling than to hear and see who you would be working with. Watch the video while you brainstorm on your next "innovation".

Boycotting my blog – Day 8

Had to step away from the boycott to replenish and get ready for the long haul. While my efforts have had absolutely no response from the HR community, apparently the boycott has had a significant effect on political impasses in two small Central American countries. r

Boycotting my blog – Day 4

Thinking I need more muscle behind my boycott. First two options: the entire Teamsters Union membership or Oprah. Either one could lead to a book deal. Have now gone through all the provisions except for the Hostess products. r

Boycotting my blog – Day 3

Got another comment about my boycott (see Day 2). The holdout continues until I hear from the non-colleague world about the topics I've been discussing for the last months. Something got into my provisions, so I'm now on half-rations. I've scrapped the screenplay. r


LWord-1.jpg “The phenomenon of corporations creating goods, services and experiences in close cooperation with experienced and creative consumers, tapping into their intellectual capital, and in exchange giving them a direct say in (and rewarding them for) what actually gets produced, manufactured, developed, designed, serviced, or processed.” This is the definition given to an ongoing methodology of how companies are building their brand loyalties, relationships, and ideas. In the May 2006 trend briefing from, they explored the what, the why, and the who is doing this and doing it well. This all stems back to involving your audience as in the converse shoe gallery in the past posting....nothing new, however they do acknowledge the employment factor.

Boycotting my blog – Day 2

Have received a comment from a TMP colleague (see Boycotting my blog - Day 1), which I appreciate, but am holding out until the public at large adds it voice. Regarding the screenplay, I can't seem to find my muse. Perhaps it's in the cupboard next to the corn flakes. r

Boycotting my blog – Day 1

I've taken stock of my provisions. Should have plenty of food for the duration. Am thinking this is a good time to write that play. It's a musical adaptation based on the Flintstones. I think it's marketable. r

Why I’m boycotting my own blog

My first blog entry was February 6th of this year. I began with a sense of enthusiasm and optimism. Enthusiasm, because this felt like a natural outlet for expressing opinion and providing some small degree of learning around an area that may be limited in its universality, but still seemed to have the ability to have actual impact. Optimism, because I bought into the blog hype - that quasi-interesting publishing would result in frequent and intelligent discourse. Well, three months later, my enthusiasm has waned and my optimism is non-existent. The only person I seem to be talking to is myself (and while I do admit to a certain level of schizophrenia, it’s not what I was hoping for). This despite the fact that the site has received lots of visits, even though Mr. Pauletich suspects they are all from my wife and a Taoist monk. Hey, I can accept criticism. I can accept abject humiliation. Hell, I can even accept being put on hold while the person on the other end of the phone watches reruns of “Boy Meets World.” But simply being ignored? That’s tough to take. And I don’t want to hear any nonsense about embracing linking strategies, developing a network, or any other blogophile nonsense. You’re here. You’re reading. And then you’re quietly exiting. So until that changes, and beginning today, I am boycotting my own blog. It will be a semi-active boycott, replete with boycott updates. You can join me in my boycott by noting your support (the layers of irony are infinite) or join with others to convince me to end my boycott by contributing the kind of dialogue I was hoping for. And just so you know how serious I am, over the weekend I went to BJ’s Wholesale Club and bought boxes of provisions. I have canned goods. I have batteries. I have candles. And I have a determination that is limited only by my need to get an occasional haircut (just a trim, rounded in the back). My boycott begins now. r