Recruiting Content: The First 10 Pages

Over at we shared 10 different recruitment topics to help you in developing content pages.

“If you are looking to reach a variety of audiences at various points in the conversion funnel about the 10 openings you have now, do you build microsites and campaigns for each role, or do you stick to brand work only? The smart answer is somewhere in between. So in order to get the ball rolling, here are the first 10 steps along what will likely be a long journey.”

Read the full post for the top 10 list of recruiting content pages. And for more ideas on how to use content to increase applications!

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Allison Kelley
Written by Allison Kelley

Allison Kelley is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at TMP Worldwide Chicago. Originally from Connecticut, she moved to Chicago after Googling “Tina Fey” and finding out about The Second City. Allison has written for a variety of industries including nonprofit, HR, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and travel. When not creating engaging content for clients, Allison produces a popular storytelling show and performs her stories at reading series around town. You can contact Allison at or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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