Recruiting in India: A World Beyond Job Sites

Recruiting in India: A World Beyond Job Sites

When it comes to recruiting in India, there seem to be limited choices. Every single conversation starts with job sites and ends with job sites. However, if we start from the notion that prospective applicants are digital consumers in their daily lives, consume a lot of content on web and social, and more importantly, react the same way you and I will, our choices open up.

Job search and job applications have changed drastically over the years. We are seeing that job seekers are no longer reading a job description and applying. Instead, they are taking their time in reviewing the company, as well as its content and employees on various forums.

It is not enough to just post a job on a job site and wait for applications.

In the process, touch points at every stage influence the job seeker’s decision-making. Needless to say, it is not enough to just post a job on a job site and wait for applications. Companies need to create a content-rich career site and a strong presence on social media. Dig deeper to discover the importance of these four recruitment tools.

1. Presence on search engines

It is a very well documented fact that more than 70% of job searches start from a search engine (yes, job sites are not the starting point). To be ranked higher and to capture the audience, jobs on the career site and rich content are a necessity. However, many large organizations in India do not have user-friendly career sites, and often, the job search and application process on these sites is cumbersome. More importantly, jobs have to be SEO and mobile friendly. If not, engines like Google will not index, resulting in lower reach. There are solutions like TalentBrew, which can optimize jobs for search, plug in content that is most relevant to specific jobs and increase the applications on the career site.

2. PPC

Although there are more advanced models, all digital media planners agree that pay per click (PPC) campaigns often deliver the best ROI. Our client investments on Google and Indeed have yielded good results and great ROI, often better than a job site. It is necessary to play a long game for these channels to be successful and not look at experimenting for a month of two. The best part about PPC is that budgets can be optimized, and unlike job sites, budgets are not locked in for a year.

3. Retargeting

Use various platforms that are available in the market to do retargeting. If ecommerce companies are successfully using retargeting, there is no reason why it will not work for resume acquisition. Apart from Google and Tyroo, Facebook also hosts an exchange through which one can do retargeting on Facebook profiles. It is important to understand how these exchanges work, adjust the ROI expectations, and more importantly, believe that your job seekers are consumers as well, and behave the same way on the internet the way most of us do.

4. Mailers

All companies that hire, actively maintain a database of applicants/users. Usually, it is up to the recruiters to send mailers to this database. Knowing the recruiter’s bandwidth constraints, one can guess how effective the activity will be. Instead, an organization can build a very effective mailer calendar that will not only help in engaging the talent pool, but also influence them at every stage. Every communication to the job seeker, at every touch point, has direct or indirect impact on the employer brand. Nothing is better than managing an opt-in mailer activity.

Regardless of what digital platform one uses, it is important to measure and track every single click, transaction, click and hire, to ascertain the impact of the channel. In the future, beyond end results, tracking behavior will guide budget decisions.

The point is not to say that job site investments should stop. In fact, one should continue investing in job sites. The point is, to start looking at how we can rationalize budgets (say 10% of the overall budget) for various digital platforms and build on them. At the end of the day, choices are important to improve performance.

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Pramod Chaganti
Written by Pramod Chaganti

Apart from being responsible for TMP's India business, Pramod is passionate about employer brand and digital recruitment solutions. Currently working with clients to help them adopt new age media and digital solutions for sourcing.


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