5 Ways Recruitment Marketers Can Increase Social Media Impressions

5 Ways Recruitment Marketers Can Increase Social Media Impressions

When it comes to social media impressions, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that the social media Godfather, Facebook, doesn’t care about promoting your business. In the past year, repeated tweaks to Facebook’s notorious algorithm have resulted in a decrease in impressions.*

This is a problem. Why? Because impressions measure the number of times your post is seen. If your post has low impressions, it is essentially driftwood, floating out in the ocean, only seen by the occasional sailor. You want your post to be docked at port, seen by thousands of waving onlookers.

Know your metrics: Impressions vs. Reach
Your impression number tells you how many times your post is seen. Reach tells you how many unique users have seen your post. For example: Your registered nurse job post could have a reach of 55 but an impression number of 100. Your impression number is higher because your 55 users are seeing the post not once, but multiple times. A user can see the same post in a page update, on a newsfeed, and in a shared post from a friend.

And unfortunately, shrinking social media impressions are not just a Facebook specialty. Limited reach is also affecting your tweets.

So does this mean you should throw the towel in and turn to smoke signals to get your message out?

Thankfully, no. There are several small, proven ways you can combat the algorithm beast and increase your social media impressions. Here are 5 of them:

1. Include a call to action

According to the content marketing gurus at HubSpot, a call to action, or a “CTA,” is, “an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and customers to take action.”

In Facebook research, Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella found that posts containing the call to action words “comment,” “link,” and “share” received more comments, views, and links than those that did not.

When creating your social media post, be clear on what action you want your visitor to take. Then spend time crafting copy and imagery that convey the intended action. Here’s a list of 21 call to action examples to inspire your next social post.

2. Include an image

Including an image with all your posts is a quick aVisual contentnd proven way to increase impressions. Consider this stat: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

By including an image, your content can attract more eyeballs, which increases the likelihood of more engagement and link clicks.


3. Tag people

Tagging individuals and brands in your content provides the opportunity for others to share it, but they have to see it first.

When you tag a person or a business on Facebook, your post is making direct contact with not only the person you’re tagging, but also that person’s network. This direct connection opens the door to thousands of others not already in your network.

4. Join a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats are ongoing virtual conversations centered on a theme and hosted by an individual or company on a semi-regular basis. Joining a Twitter Chat allows you to have your message seen by a small but targeted group of people who have a common interest.

Rather than sending your tweets out into the vast Twittersphere, your Twitter Chat tweets will be reached by those more likely to act. #HRTechchat and #Peoplechat are great networks to start for Recruitment Professionals, but be sure to check out this list of Top Twitter chats for HR, Recruiters, and Job Seekers.

5. Become a LinkedIn Pulse member

LinkedIn pulse storyPulse is LinkedIn’s free publishing platform. Last year, LinkedIn opened it up to the public, allowing members of the general public to publish content that would garner a much greater reach.

Impressions are just the tip of the iceberg for your social recruitment strategy. Use these tips as a starting place and you can begin to grow your network and increase the odds of attracting your target audience.

Written by Allison Kelley and Michael Bragg

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Allison Kelley
Written by Allison Kelley

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