Six Things You Need to Know About Content and Social

Six Things You Need to Know About Content and Social

We asked our Inbound Marketing team what one change people can make in their talent acquisition social media strategy to dramatically increase its value. Some answers are broad, but some are specific. Below, you can read the wisdom of more than 20 combined years of social media experience and take advantage of what they’ve learned.

Dave HennessyDave Hennessy: Tell a Story
Always be telling a story. And always tell that story in ways that are true to your brand. Content strategy is not about pushing an extra post because it’s a slow afternoon, or launching a campaign because there’s unspent budget. It’s not about what you’re doing – it’s about what you’re saying, and how you’re saying it. Know your brand and know your audience; tell a story and encourage your audience to be a part of it.

Josh PittmanJosh Pittman: Worthiness
With the days of organic reach rapidly coming to an end, we need people, both internally and externally, to view content through a lens of worthiness. For every piece of content that is created, a harsh question should be asked regarding its actual publication. That is, “Would I spend money on this post?” If you wouldn’t put a promoted budget behind a piece of content, it’s not worth sharing. Too many people get caught up in posting frequency and cadence when they’re literally shouting into the wind. Identifying a clear target audience, developing content specific to that audience, and paying attention to content trends is the key. You want to create an experience for your users that tells a story. The less randomness, the better.

JoeValentineJoe Valentine: Recycle Greatness
Don’t be afraid to recycle great content. People have a hard time understanding just how few of their followers are actually being served their content. If 1 percent of your Facebook followers see each of your posts, you can strategically schedule a post 10 different times and the chances are excellent that the same person won’t see it twice.

Katherine RuppKatherine Rupp: Be Personable
Depending on who/what segment of the population a company or client is targeting, that could mean many things to be ‘personable,’ but overall it means to be honest, have some humor, use hashtags properly (when on social), and understand that context matters on social media and when creating copy for content.

Mike BraggMichael Bragg: Click-bait Kills
Contrary to popular belief (or “The BuzzFeed Belief”), click-bait will hurt your social efforts over time. Writing enticing, descriptive posts can still motivate people to click without cheapening your reputation. Click-bait makes the user click reluctantly – great social copy makes the user eagerly click, and it builds trust.

Sarah MalzSarah Malz: Less Is More
One thing people don’t know about Social/Content is that less is more. Our clients sometimes get caught up in the frequency of posts instead of the quality. In my experience, one amazing well-written and relevant post will give you better results as opposed to a dozen mediocre posts.

Social media stopped being free a very long time ago, so take this learned advice from the TMP Worldwide Inbound Marketing team. Adjusting your perspective in regard to these insights may require a little work on your part, but it will reap deep dividends in the long run.

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  1. Patrick

    I love the idea of “Would I spend money on this post?”, why share anything or present anything to a client on which we wouldn’t put our own money behind.

    Also, as much as I’m a sucker for click bait, I really feel I need to know about the “12 Most Embarassing Cars You Don’t Want To Buy”

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