Help Me, Wanda! #4: Are Social Media Holiday Posts Relevant to Jobseekers?

Help Me, Wanda! #4: Are Social Media Holiday Posts Relevant to Jobseekers?

Dear Wanda,

I’ve seen some of my favorite consumer brands create really successful holiday-specific social posts. But I’m wondering if there’s a place for holiday posts on my company’s career pages? For example, we just posted on Facebook over the weekend wishing our employees a Happy Valentine’s Day, but looking back I’m not sure it was totally on brand or even that relevant. I want to leverage the popularity of holidays, but I’m not sure how. Can you help? 


Holiday Hopeful

Dear Hopeful,

The good news is that there is a place for holiday messaging on your company’s career pages. The bad news is that, unlike your favorite consumer brands, you probably won’t see a huge, measurable return on investment for these posts. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the time and a little extra effort to keep them on brand and relevant to your audience.

Since most holidays are tied heavily into consumerism, consumer brands can often use their holiday campaigns to promote products. Millions of dollars are spent each Valentine’s Day on jewelry and flowers. The Fourth of July increases sales for BBQ foods such as burgers and hot dogs.

However, these days of celebration are not as convenient in recruitment marketing. In fact, we can expect that most people are not job-hunting on Thanksgiving or St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, they are spending time with the people they care about and surrounded by all of those products they purchased in preparation. And they are turning to social media not for job postings, but for insight into how others are spending the day.

So, in order to stay relevant, you have to align your messaging to these behaviors. The exciting news is that the content probably already exists within your company culture.

Do your employees dress up in costumes on Halloween? Does your office throw a Thanksgiving potluck? You can use the special ways your company celebrates the holidays as unique and authentic content. And don’t just tell your followers how you celebrate, show them. Ask your employees to take photos at the events so that you can post them online. If you collect enough content, you can create more than just social posts but pages on your career site dedicated to this aspect of your company culture.

An important thing to remember is to not get sidetracked by trying to look like the most fun place to work, but to always be guided by your brand. Maybe your brand is quirky and lighthearted, or maybe it’s more corporate and buttoned-up; it doesn’t matter. These posts should reflect your company and its employees in an authentic light. That’s what your audience will appreciate.

Another thing to consider is looking beyond the largely publicized holidays and doing some research on the industry-specific holidays that relate directly to your brand and audience demographics. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, why not post something for National Nurses Day. Include any trending hashtags and spotlight the great nurses who work at your company. People love an excuse to celebrate, just do a quick Google search for national holidays and you’ll see.

So what’s all this extra work for? While you won’t be able to measure whether or not the photo of your CEO dressed as the holiday armadillo led to the next great hire, you can rest assured that your photo caught someone’s attention. That person closed their Facebook app that day with a little better understanding of your company and what it’s like to work there. And maybe down the line, as they start to consider a career move, they’ll remember you and decide to dig a little deeper.

Happy Hiring,


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