Talent Acquisition in the Cloud

Talent Acquisition in the Cloud

Leveraging Technology to Find the Right Candidates

As the world of technology continues to expand, the number of devices and ways to access the internet grows as well. It’s not hard to imagine that at some point the internet will be integrated into most appliances, devices and instruments we use in our day-to-day life – and the HR industry is no exception. Today’s software options enable HR leaders and practitioners to connect with talent in an almost exponential number of ways. Just thinking about the possibilities of and options when it comes to talent acquisition software can be overwhelming; but it doesn’t have to be. As the world of software grows, it becomes more mature and enables HR leaders to adopt exciting technologies that open new doors in communicating with candidates.

To get the most benefit from technology, it is important to understand how software works. In today’s landscape, everything is about the cloud, which is comprised of three distinct layers. The bottom layer, forming the foundation of the cloud, deals with the computing infrastructure: the virtual machines, storage, servers, networks, firewalls, etc. The next layer of the cloud is the platform layer, including databases like Microsoft SQL or Oracle and web servers like IAS or Apache, as well as various computing platforms like the operating system, programming language and execution environment.

Companies must be able to meet candidates exactly where they are, meaning that a cloud-based operation is essential to success

The third and final layer – and the one most important for the HR practitioner – is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) or application layer, which sits upon the infrastructure and platform layers. This layer includes on-demand software, like online banking apps, email platforms, social media sites, and other solutions that offer a wealth of tools and functionality that can be accessed at any point in time and across a range of devices.

As mobile apps and web browsers are the main interface people use to access the cloud, companies must be able to meet candidates exactly where they are, meaning that a cloud-based operation is essential to success. For companies still doubting the need to move to the cloud, the results for those already on the cloud are astounding. A recent study found that 68% of companies that are on the cloud report significant cost savings. Even more striking, 94% experience security benefits, 94% gained better legal compliance and 92% reported improved service availability.

It’s all about creating a candidate experience platform that ensures consistency and tracking using a common methodology across the various components

When it comes to HR, there are three different communication channels to focus on in the cloud. First are the job seekers from across the web looking to learn about companies and their positions from any devices, whenever and wherever they want. Second are the recruiters who need to stand out in a crowd and present their company as an employer of choice for the most talented candidates, especially for hard-to-fill positions, like nursing or technical roles. Finally, there are the web channels – the Googles and social media sites of the world that continually change their algorithms to provide the most interesting and relevant content to users. To communicate with each channel, it’s not just about using the right keywords and hoping they stick. Instead, employers must leverage the right message, pushing out unique content and going beyond text to include pictures and videos that match the message being delivered. Such dynamic content will help with search engine optimization and ensure that job postings are seen by the search engines and candidates alike.

So what can companies do to leverage the cloud to find in-demand talent? It’s all about creating a candidate experience platform that ensures consistency and tracking using a common methodology across the various components, whether that is a career site, microsites, email marketing and job alerts, social media, behavioral targeting and other strategies. This will enable them to project a consistent message and voice across the cloud, helping to connect with both active and passive candidates looking for an authentic experience. As a result, the company can get full benefit from the cloud and attract the best candidates for their open positions.



Joseph Vaccarella
Written by Joseph Vaccarella

Joseph Vaccarella is Senior Vice President, Platform Sales & Strategy for TMP Worldwide. Drawing from a wealth of client feedback, Joseph Vaccarella leverages the client perspective in his role as Senior Vice President, Platform Sales & Strategy. Responsible for TMP’s strategic software solutions and sales engineering, he drives and manages the technology evolution stage of the sales and account management process. He works as the key technical advisor for various TMP teams and is a primary stakeholder within TMP’s technology roadmap committee.

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