The Social Media Recruiting Myths It’s Time to Put to Rest #socialrecruiting

First, we don’t blame you for believing the myths. They were probably handed down to you by whoever held your position last, maybe someone you look up to and respect. But just because a belief has been held for years doesn’t mean that belief is correct and shouldn’t be challenged. Myths, the well from which best practices spring from, are comforting because they provide a roadmap of how to navigate social media. But watch what happens when you apply a blanket approach to each specific use case. You won’t find success in the generic.

The solution? Examine if that thing you’ve been doing forever is really helping you accomplish your end goals. If that sounds too daunting, don’t worry! TMP’s Inbound Marketing team has debunked 8 popular social media recruiting myths, the ones you should be abandoning right after this video.

1. “You have to post every day on every channel.” -Mike Bragg
2. “Company pages are your best social assets.” -Dave Hennessy
3. “You need to join every social network that exists.” -Molly Reppen
4. “You need to be active on all social platforms.” -Sehare Hemani
5. “You need gimmicks to be interesting online.” -Ali Kelley
6. “Everyone sees your content.” -Melinda Benoit
7. “You can’t recycle content.” -Mary Wienkers
8. “Followers are everything.” -Katherine Rupp

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  1. Kylon Gustin

    All 8 myths were great but I really like #7 “You can’t recycle content.” by Mary Wienkers.

    We should be tracking which content received a lot of views, comments, etc.. If it is evergreen content, simply re-promote it later. Mary also made a great comment about repurposing.

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